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Medistar Pharmaceutical

Medistar: Cialis, also known as Tadalafil or Adcirca

No prescription required for Medistar male performance products such as Cialis and Viagra Cialis is used to treat erectile dysfunction and decreased libido. Cialis works by aiding relaxation of blood vessels and increasing blood flow in the penis during sexual arousal, resulting in improved erectile function. Cialis is much longer lasting than Viagra. Effects can be felt anywhere between 36-48 hours. One of the less appealing effects of post-cycle-therapy is the decreased libido caused by the sudden absence of exaggerated testosterone levels in the body.

Xcite Pharmaceutical

Xcite pharmaceutical grade Tadafil

** No prescription required
Tadafil, commonly known as Cialis is used to treat erectile dysfunction. It increases blood flow and aids in getting and maintaining an erection. It can stay active in the body for up to 48 hours and only needs to be taken once a day. You do not need a prescription to order our pharmaceutical grade Tadafil.

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